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Posted By: Abhineet Pratap Singh Categories: SEO Analysis Posted: May-14,2021

What is On- SERP Search Engine Optimization and How is it the future of SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is growing so much that ranking on the top of the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) is not adequate now.

Search engines like Google and Bing work constantly to make sure that the web searchers find the most relevant information they require without opening the websites.

The search engine results pages nowadays have certain features like featured snippets and map listings, due to which at least half of the people who use SERPs do not click on the link of the website as they are getting the answer instantly on the search engine results pages itself. Due to this, many websites are facing some challenges.

Let us first discuss what kind of information is available on search engine results pages without clicking on search results:

  • Location;
  • Celebrity biography;
  • Translator;
  • Convertors;
  • Definitions of words;
  • Weather forecast;
  • Prices, availability, and even booking of hotels;
  • Latest news.

Now, it does not matter if you were settled on number one rank because now you need to get even more competitive in order to implement on search engine results pages search engine optimization.

Before digging into how to implement search engine results pages, search engine optimization, let us discuss search on-engine results pages search engine optimization or, more commonly, On-SERP search engine optimization.

On-SERP search engine optimization is a strategy that includes much more than past tactics of searching for an effective keyword and some high quality backlinks to improve your organic search results.

It is about amplifying your On-SERP presence to get your business value from particular keywords even when the user (s) do not click on your website link in the search results of various search engines like Google and Bing.

This click is of utmost relevance as it will generate a good brand image. It will help you to appear as an industry expert because it might get you branded searches in the future as well. Brainstorm about the brand image you want to portray and make relevant content and keywords related to it.

The keywords with a high CTR, i.e., click through rate, should be used if you want to be displayed in the direct answers. There are several tools today with the help of which you can check the CTR of the keywords you have selected.


You can try changing your strategies when you post an excerpt. Never display complete information in that. When you do so, the viewer will have to open your website to read the full article if it is of their interest. On the contrary, if you write a full-fledged answer to their question, they will just read it on the search engine and not click on your website.

If you want your search engine results pages to increase, then this article will fulfill your requirement. All the essential information related to On-SERP search engine optimization and its strategies will be covered in this entire blog post. Such knowledge will help you optimize your website as per SERP to outdo your competitors and gain more potential audiences.

We shall now discuss the constituents of On-SERP search engine optimization. They are listed as follows:

ü  Title tags;

ü  Schema markup;

ü  Google My Business;

ü  Video and image results

ü  Meta descriptions;

ü  People also ask (PAA) column;

ü  Add breadcrumbs;

ü  Featured snippets;

ü  Map pack.

These features of On-SERP search engine optimization can help you escalate your business to the next level. So let us have a look at how to leverage them to improve your SERP presence.

A meta description should always be written in a user-friendly manner, and avoidance of the same or poor quality can pose adverse effects to your SERP search engine optimization. Keep in mind that meta descriptions are never longer than 160 characters and should have a clear proposition that resolves the query of the user. 

Visuals always have a more significant impact on people and are a plus on Google. Anyone can make their Google My Business exceptional by adding all the present and relevant information they can. Some of the features that can help you stand out are mentioned below:

·         High resolution images and videos;

·         Include screenshots from authentic sites like Wikipedia;

·         Try to get more positive reviews and feedbacks.

Reviews have the potential to increase the credibility of any business. So keep track and respond to customer reviews as well. In case of negative reviews, reach out to the customers directly to acquire better ratings.

Bread crumbs are basically a sort of navigational tool that helps users get a glimpse of your website. Also, it helps search engines like Google and Bing to understand the layout of your content. Thus, when you add bread crumbs to your website, it amplifies the experience of the user, and Google keeps track of such information. 

It would be best if you tailored people also ask (PAA) to answer direct questions for the content to appear in the PPA segment. Featured snippets are chosen outcome that displays on top of various search engines like Bing and Google’s organic search results.

Schema markup is a code used on your website to help the search engines like Google and Bing understand your content. This can increase the odds of Google ranking your content. There are several schema markups that you can use in any of the content on your website, like from articles, images, videos, and/or products.

Many a time, Google answers users’ queries with images and videos if that is the optimum way to answer particular questions. It is essential to optimize your images and videos since your content does not make it on the search engine results pages, but an image or video you have uploaded might appear in the result.

You can boost your business by using strategies and optimizing for On-SERP search engine optimization. The important thing here is to create top-notch and quality content to avoid bounce back. Bounce back happens when the viewer does not stay on your webpage for a good time and clicks the back button after not finding superior quality content.  This not only makes you lose your potential customer but also negatively impacts your website. So, always try to keep your bounce back rates as low as possible. However, suppose you keep all these critical points in your mind before starting On-SERP search engine optimization. In that case, you can efficiently perform exceptionally well and outdo your competitors in the market.

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