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Posted By: Abhineet Pratap Singh Categories: Digital Marketing Posted: May-14,2021

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Arena


The 21st century is all about technological advancements. We all are surrounded by technology in some form or the other. It has now become a part of our day-to-day routines, and living without such equipment is unimaginable. With gradual progress, the habit of such technologies became a core of our regular activities. We are now so used to it that we do not even realize that approximately 70% of our work is done via technology or the other. But are these technologies just helping us with our daily lives? No, these technologies have now marked their territories in our professional lives as well. For example, the websites we opened to increase our business is now integrating with such technologies known as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Let us initially have a brief look at digital marketing and its functions. Digital Marketing, as we are all familiar with this term, is used by business owners or website owners to amplify their activities using various digital marketing techniques. These are used to generate leads so that you can expand your business online. It is an impactful and effective practice since reaching a larger potential audience over the internet is easier and can actually help you scale up your activities as the location and conveyance barriers are uplifted in the scenario. There are numerous digital marketing techniques available on today's date for you to choose from according to your requirements. Some of these are mentioned as follows:

  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  •  Webinar Production;

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing;

  •  Video Production;

  •  Content Marketing;

  •  E-books, Whitepapers, Webinars;

  •  Downloadable Content Offerings;

  •  Email Marketing;

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM);

  •  Blogging & Article Writing.

As we have now discussed about digital marketing and its techniques, let us further discuss how Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a vital role in the arena of digital marketing. But before getting into such intricacies, we should first get a clearer idea of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a part of information technology and computer science related to building smart machines that are capable of performing tasks that otherwise require human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an interdisciplinary science with several approaches, but advancements in deep learning and machine learning bring a revolution in virtually every sector of the technology industry. Therefore, we can proceed further to know about the role played by artificial intelligence in marketing and machine learning.

We have initiated to experience the potential of artificial intelligence in our personal and professional lives both. Few should be grateful to homes and personal device technology like Alexa, Cortona, Google Assistant, and Siri. It is obvious that the Machine Learning analytical software is being consolidated into several developmental sectors. But these areas are just the tip of the iceberg because, in the coming times, we will see advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology. This will help marketers grow in their respective niches to fight competition and grow their business rapidly by reaching a larger audience in no time.

Some of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) categories that will help the marketer to see and optimally utilize it in the field of marketing:

Machine learning technology is true to its name. It is a software that can understand data and solve the problems independently that persists due to human. Therefore, it means learning on their own. If we see it in terms of marketing, it can be applied to many applications like lead generation, advertisement targeting, search optimization, and many more.

This part of AI will be the foundation on which machines will be laid, making more relevant business decisions to some extent. At least we can say theoretically that it will free some time and give space to business owners and employees to concentrate better on the human components of marketing and business activities. The best example of such decision-making in this means is digital personal assistants, like our very own Google Assistant.

Artificial Intelligence is everything from a data-driven perspective to marketing and decision-making. Several platforms store and arrange all sorts of analytics nowadays to watch consumer patterns to frame better and intuitive automated systems. This, in turn, helps marketing target a specific audience with a sales point of view that may not fit the traditional style of a target audience.

Semantic searching is a comprehensive view of the ideas of machine learning and a meta-analysis of those ideas. It means the capacity for machines to significantly understand consumer searches relatedly to provide a set of the customized outcome. It is gained through Artificial Intelligence's capability to recognize more about the contextual definition of particular search patterns, and phrases consider things like the search history of the user.

The biggest challenge every marketer faces is related to lead generation. You can imagine software that can sort out data to search the target audience and clients for your business and acquaint you with every lead on the customer expedition.

It is high time to use such technology to fulfil consumer needs and not just submit to the inflow of technological advancement. Currently, a lot is happening around the globe of digital marketing concerning technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Digital Marketers are required to view this technology beyond its capability of analyzing data.

We might presume AI as some kind of privacy invasion, but part of your job as a digital marketing expert is to understand to use AI ethically. Artificial Intelligence (AI) directed tools will continue to become more available and useful when analyzing and predicting the buyer's journey.



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