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Posted By: Abhineet Pratap Singh Categories: SEO Analysis Posted: May-14,2021

6 Simple Keyword Research Tips for Small Business Owners

When considering making your online presence, be it websites or social media pages, or ranking high in Google searches, you need to start from the beginning and search out the correct keywords that will be the reason to take you to the highest position. Below are the excellent 6 easy and efficient keyword research tips for small business owners.

What is keyword research? It is fundamentally searching out the right words i.e. keywords that enable you to rank in search engines. This is the main explanation and a kind of definition as well. Before getting the depth of keyword research tips, take a tour to get known with SEO keyword research and get familiar with the topic.

But coming back to my list of 6 easy and efficient keyword research tips for small business owners, we are going to start from scrape. Let’s assume you have a small tourism business and you want to expand and your site to be shown on the first pages of searches. Where do you begin?

1. Do Your Homework:

Generating The Primary List Of Keywords

Generally, when we are working with small businesses we have the limitation of a small budget and we have some tasks that we can do ourselves and save money.

Generating the primary list of keywords is such a tedious job. Before dreaming about being on the first ranking pages on Google, we need to think from the client's perspective.

What would you type in the search bar to obtain the service you have to present? Let's get back to our example and assume you are doing efficient keyword research and SEO for your travel website. My suggestion is to divide your business into pieces- small pieces and jot down all your niches and vital, defining traits of your business, all products, all services, everything. Now, you are done with the basic keywords.

2. Shortlist the keyword

Now, is the time you are close to your keywords. Google auto suggestion would guide you on how people search stuff on the internet. You can discover new ideas, choices, etc. You can find by putting How and Why questions to get a clear picture.

3.Extend Your List with Keyword Search Tools

Now, you are ready with a shortlist of keywords but this would not be sufficient. The SEO keyword research tip would be to get hold of the keyword research tools and get a deeper understanding.

There are a lot of keyword research tools and I suggest exploring a bit and using some of them to get to know about them. You would be familiar with which one works best under what condition and what does it present.

I would suggest some of them with which you can begin like Moz Keyword Explorer, Wordstream Keyword Tool, Google keyword planner. There are many of them and keyword research tools are very beneficial not just for separating the words from the primary list but also for getting familiar with the SEO strategies.

4. Long Tail Keyword:

The above-mentioned steps will aid you to find out all the primary keywords. You have to utilize those keywords on the content of your blogs, website, and social media, homepage, land page. Examining the data from your keyword search tool is vital

Now you have to make them long tail so that you can drive more traffic to the website. The long-tail keywords which face less competition can reach audiences. Be sure that you match the strength of your business domain and keywords. When you are incorporating keywords into your website, be sure that your keywords be natural, informative, and user-friendly.

5. Pay Per Click Technique and Why It Works 

Yet another easy and very efficient keyword research tips are to do your work for pay-per-click campaigns. This marketing tip is without any doubt a proper way of getting more traffic to your website and much more. I recommend you have read this informative article regarding the advantages of PPC campaigns, how they can enhance your ranking, and see why it is significant to engage in it.

But before we get forward of ourselves let’s get into the intro section of keywords. It looks obvious that using the correct keywords is going to convey your traffic and clients. And since you are going to hit your competition for the first ranking in search engines, you’d better make sure you bet on the correct ones. The ones that carry your traffic, without costing a destiny! And don't forget that you are not in search of clicks but customers! Therefore, pay concentration to your keywords, and remember to add your call for action!

6. Location, Location, Location 

In an extremely competitive market, as a small business, you should take benefit of all opportunities available, and including and using your location in your keywords and phrases, is such a chance

 Using a contained keyword might create a little less traffic than the common word but it will surely boost your ranking and draw your local customers. And let’s be honest, we generally look at the results closest to us. And since we have by now established that long-tail keywords are very supportive, adding the location to it will only make it more applicable.

I extremely advise using Google my business as the listing there will not only get you noted in the local search but also on Google maps, you will obtain reviews and the chance to confirm to search engines you are an appropriate candidate for a top ranking.


Moreover, whether your business is small or big, the reality is that investing time and money being in the online presence is what everybody must do. When involved in a small business, the appropriate way to rank high in all the search engines is to be as precise as possible about what you have to give. Remember to check on the recent trends of SEO.

As you can envisage, the list of things you can do to find the correct keywords doesn’t end here. These were my top 6 simple and effective keyword research tips for small businesses that I’ve used over the years and that I still do use as they give way outcomes!

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