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10 Facebook Marketing Tips That Boost E-commerce Sales

In the era of 4.0, Facebook marketing is becoming common to all kinds of businesses. 

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world to promote your business and foster your sales. Facebook is one such platform that almost everyone uses; hence it can be the best marketing platform for any business venture to thrive. Though the new Facebook algorithm has reduced the Content over Facebook, one can resort to other means. To overcome this, we share the ten best marketing hacks for an eCommerce business to boost your sales through Facebook.

1.Creative & Original Content

In today's era of tough competition in any field, the best way to attract customers is to create original and worthy Content. For example, while grabbing a burger from McDonald's, we always remember the very famous slogan attached with the brand 'I'm loving it'. We recognize this slogan while eating because it is catchy and attractive; hence using a catchy slogan and a beautiful trademark to make your brand and products different from others in the market is the target.

Next is being creative with your Content is the most critical aspect. By using your latent creative skills, you can create something extraordinary that will give your brand its individuality and help you promote e-commerce sales through Facebook marketing. 

2.Make One-to-One Connections

Before starting with Facebook marketing, try to know and assess your audience and their behaviour and patterns. Analyzing your audience and observing their daily routine will help you know what they demand, and hence you can manufacture products according to their needs and demands. This will help you to build a good relationship with your audience. Well, building good connections is not an easy cake. To do this, you will have to keep some factors in mind : 

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Caste/ Religion

  • Taste

  • Health issues

  • Shopping patterns

Once you know about all of them based on your results, you will understand their reactions and emotions towards your Content. Some people are fond of original Content while others prefer some jokes and rest like something which keeps up with their curiosity. Based on their likings, you can create the best content for everyone.

3.Distinctive Approaches

Now different people have different behavior patterns, likings, and interests. You cannot just create something similar for all of them because they have variations in their preference. You must be distinctive in your approach to meet the needs of the people and make your brand earn a good name in the market. Also, different shopping patterns need other methods. They know what people prefer which product will take you one step ahead in the market to foster your eCommerce sales through Facebook.

4.Shift your Content Focus to more Videos

Now you must be having many doubts and want reasoning to do this. It would be best if you shifted your focus to creating video because Facebook videos are fantabulous and viewed by most people on a large scale. Now is the right time to divert your focus to videos instead of static posts. With videos, there's always a scope to enhance your content creativity; you can also choose the Live facebook option to let more audience be attracted to you.

This Facebook has now a new feature known as Ad Break, which you can use effectively and monetize your video content. Ad Break will be just like YouTube, which is monetizing. Try not to make very long elaborated videos, the more short videos; the more people will view them and the more money you will earn.

5.Make your Photos more Attractive.

In the modern-day world, visual Content is viewed 70,000 more times as compared to any text. Hence it would help if you focused more on your visuals and imagery. Visual Content attracts efficiently more audience as compared with text. In Facebook Marketing, you must make your photos attractive enough to get viewed by more and more people on a large scale. Try to be a little more creative and experimental with the backgrounds of your pictures and the effects you put in when you edit them. With more eye-catching products, you can monetize your photos with more and more audiences viewing them.

6.Try New Features like Stories.

Popular research shows that Facebook stories hit more than 300 million views in a day. This story option is the most incredible way for advertising and posting ad-type stories for your audience. A story can be both images or a video as per your choice and preference. The growth of stories will generate more audience, greater accessibility, and focused visual Content. Furthermore, instead of posts, people view more of stories. This is pretty good news for people who like to advertise through Facebook Stories often.

7.Mix up your Business with your Personal Facebook

The Facebook algorithm has changed, and now one has to struggle a lot to mint some good business through Facebook marketing. Due to the new Facebook algorithm, the Content has been reduced comparatively; although the tips mentioned above and hacks will, of course, help you to strive and grow, this is not enough. It's time to give a personal touch to your business, and this can be done by mixing your business with your account.

If you're creating some good content that is cute, eye-catching and attractive once you post it to your Facebook business page, try to repost the same on your timeline as well. This will increase the chance of Content getting viewed by more and more people.

8.Run Discounts and other Reasonable Offers

Everyone knows that the audience is better attracted when you provide some attractive discount offers to them. Everyone is familiar that discount offers to boost up your sales and create a substantial market for yourself. However, understanding how it works is the main target here. You must have heard about 'FOMO' – the fear of missing out, which people generally resort to encounter as ending soon period. It develops a fear of regret in customers, fear of missing something great and then running back to the events for their satisfaction.

9.Come up with the Best Solutions for your Customers.

People often purchase something when they get a quick solution from the product. If a man is starving, he will buy something to eat in the same way people will buy your products and services if they need it. You can sell good and sell fast if you're aware of the solution and what people need. When people connect with their problems and your Content, they will surely be glued to your page and buy your products. The one-to-one connection you've made earlier will help you know about your customers' issues and create something beneficial for them.

10.Be Quick and Speedy

In a changing scenario, the best practice to follow is being quick, flexible and speedy with whatever comes. To boost your eCommerce sales from Facebook Marketing, you need to get updated on the latest trends that are going on in the market. Try to be creative with everything that's changing. To develop unique Content to foster eCommerce sales, you need to be flexible with the everyday changes in technology.



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